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​Connect55 is a manufactures and product representative agent covering South America, based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We provide Technology Solutions that include end-to-end Project Management and processes, IP Technologies, Network Hardware, Security systems, engineering services, and the experience to get the job done. C55 takes pride in understanding your products, customers, theirs and your needs. We work with end users, IT departments, engineering firms, Operators, Towercos, contractors, and importation/logistic brokers to help market, sell and promote your products.
Brasil Conectado
We value the relationship of a long term customer and we will support the sales cycle from day one leading to after sales support if required such as training, continued education, and installation and technical support for your product lines and customers. We know that selling is not only part of the job, we understand how our experience and “Know-How” to provide solutions to your excellent products within South America. We wear your shirt when we represent you, together with our focus and tasks to give the impression that your footprint is 100% here.
Our objective is to grow your business to the point that one day you decide you are ready to branch out alone with no strings attached. If this does happen, then we have achieved yours and our goals.
Brasil Conectado
“C55 is an extension of your company and has great pride in flying your flag. Your success is our success!”
CEO Steve Roberts
Our Goal is spearheading efforts to propel your company and brand, into one of the most active and productive telecom markets in the world. We hit the ground running, using our experienced local bi-lingual staff in all areas such as marketing, sales, customer management and operations to extend your business in Brazil and LATAM.
C55 was founded with the mission to mark a strong presence for high-tech products and services in Brazil. We have a 30+ years of experience in the local market and LATAM and combining this with very strong partnerships with all Operators, ISPs and SMEs we can help you get operational from day one. Basically we are you in Brazil.
The Brazilian market is starting to warm-up again and if you have some thoughts on attacking this Region then in our view the time is now. We want to fly your flag, so do not miss the boat! Local Operators and ISPs are now starting to accept new ideas and "Thinking Out-of-the-Box" solutions which is what C55 has been preaching for over a number of years.
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